Google Will No Longer Show a Picture of the Grim Reaper When You Look Up This Hospital

Thank heaven for small mercies.

Yikes. (Flickr, InSapphoWeTrust)

Yikes. (Flickr, InSapphoWeTrust)

It’s probably safe to say that one thing you really don’t want to find upon looking up a hospital is a bleak symbol of death. And yet, until recently, anyone who googled Manchester’s Tameside General was served up a photoshopped picture of the Grim Reaper loitering in front of the building.

Solid SEO strat, guys.

The Manchester Evening News reports:

“Google has now stepped in to take down the image – which was revealed to anyone typing the name of the hospital into the search engine – after being alerted by the M.E.N.

The image had been created and uploaded to a blogging website carrying critical articles about death rates at Tameside General.”

Their bad. A Google spokesperson told the paper, “In this particular case, we have now updated the panel with a more appropriate image.”

The possibly-dead-by-StreetView donkey could not be reached for comment.