Here’s an App For Sharing Gruesome Images of Your Festering Wounds


Ew. (Photo: Figure1)

Ew. (Photo: Figure1)

Do you enjoy trawling Web M.D. for gross-out fodder? If so boy, have we got the app for you.

Meet Figure1, a “crowdsourced medical image library for healthcare professionals.” That means docs can use it to document interesting cases (identifying features blocked out, unless they want to get mega-busted) or to investigate what a condition might look like.

Because there’s nothing more reassuring than your alarmingly young GP turning to his iPhone to figure out what the hell’s wrong with you.

The National Post talked to cofounder Dr. Josh Landy, who explained his goals for the app:

“An image with a story goes a long way,” he said. “There is no question in my mind, educating doctors saves lives…. Having someone who has easier, more efficient access to information, who learns something more about a patient they are currently seeing, is going to improve the care of that patient.”

Man, 4chan is going to go nuts for this one.

(h/t Digital Trends)