He’s Crazy About Tiffany’s! Thief Steals $100,000 in Necklaces From Jewelry Icon

(Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

It should have taken him at least four seconds to walk from the counter to the door, but this bandit did it in two.

One dark, handsome, rich-looking man with passionate natures and too many teeth is wanted for pocketing $100,000 worth of necklaces from Tiffany’s Fifth Avenue store.

The thief, wearing a dark-colored suit and tie, swiped the duds around 3 p.m. yesterday, police said. Surveillance video shows him chatting up the salesclerk, asking to see two pricey chains from a display. The clerk placed them on the counter and soon turned around, leaving the bandit ample opportunity to scoop up the necklaces and walk swiftly out the door.

The footage also shows a security guard patrolling the door the suspect strolled through, but he doesn’t seem too concerned. The incident prompts questions on the state of Tiffany’s security force, but reps for the jewelry maven declined to comment.

NYPD has yet to make an arrest.