Hey Hot Shot: 10-Year-Old Brooklyn Child Fires At Intruders With Their Own Gun

A technician holds a Beretta 92S semi-auThis brave child has been watching his share of Home Alone.

In an almost motion picture-esque turn of events, police said a 10-year-old Brooklyn boy deterred two burglars with their own gun.

Officials say that two men forced themselves into an East 80th street home in Canarsie on Monday, telling the two teens they found inside to stay put. They began searching the house for valuables, without knowing that a third child was upstairs in his bedroom, police told The Observer.

After going through much of the house, the burglars tried to enter the 10-year-old’s bedroom, gun first. The child slammed the door on their hand, forcing them to drop their firearm, police said. Then, the boy picked up the weapon and fired a shot at the intruders.

While he didn’t hit the thieves, the bullet was enough to cause them to flee the scene, according to the NYPD.

As of Tuesday morning, the police are still looking for two suspects in their early 20s. The boy’s identity has not been released.