Imgur Resigns Itself to Being Reddit’s Fluffer, Releases a Meme Generator

Quality c o n t e n t.

(Photo: Imgur)

(Photo: Imgur)

If 90 percent of the links on your Reddit front page don’t already direct to the photo hosting site Imgur, then they soon will. The company announced today that it is releasing its very own meme generator to fill the gaping hole of no doubt riveting, thoughtful content left on Reddit when Quickmeme was banned for vote manipulation.

After Quickmeme’s devastating departure, Imgur worked frantically to complete the meme generator they already had in the works, aiming to sate the hoards of angry Redditors desperate for stock photos superimposed with “clever” missives. Users can use drag and drop text editing boxes and pick from hundreds of meme templates.

“Our community made it clear that this had to be done as quickly as possible, so we committed to doing whatever it took,” Imgur CEO Alan Schaaf said in a statement. “This was no small task – our engineering team rocked it.”

Just when you thought Reddit was finally attracting thoughtful, well-reasoned content (haha jk).