Jesse Eisenberg, at Least Some of the Time, to Interviewers, is a Jerk (Video)

Jesse Eisenberg makes girls cry. (YouTube)

Jesse Eisenberg makes girls cry. (YouTube)

Jesse Eisenberg has been labeled a “jerk” after insulting Univision’s Romina Puga on her show, Say My Name With Romina. (Roh-mee-nah? Row-mih-nah?) Promoting his new movie Now You See Me, Mr. Eisenberg acted like a real Mark Zuckerberg (as portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg) while chastising Ms. Puga for referring to Morgan Freeman as “Freeman,” and then, later, referring to her as “The Carrot Top of Interviewers.”

While we refrain from sticking Mr. Eisenberg with the J-word–maybe he thought it was demeaning to call Mr. Freeman “Freeman,” thus tainting the entire interview–Mr. Eisenberg does seem to be developing what we in the business call “an attitude.” Like, never tell an interviewer on camera that they are lucky you even showed up: that is rule #1 for being a celebrity!

Plus, we worry that Mr. Eisenberg’s attitude will give him a worse label than “jerk”…the first word that came to mind for us was “twerp.”

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