Know When Your Dog Is Dead With This Wearable Device

The quantified dog.

Cyborg pup. (Photo: Whistle)

Cyborg pup. (Photo: Whistle)

What’s a better way to keep track of what your dog is doing aside from poking it and asking if it wants a treat? Attaching a $100 wearable device called Whistle that collects health data from your dog, so you can be over-controlling in all arenas of your cloying existence.

Similar to a Fitbit, Whistle is a small metallic gadget device that monitors your pup to know when it’s doing doggy things, like walking, breathing and resting, so you don’t have to actually interact with it.  It also measures for sickness, turns that data into fancy graphs and transmits the data via Wifi and Bluetooth to a smartphone app. The device tracks if there’s a sudden change in behavior and alerts the owner.

Whistle’s CEO and cofounder Ben Jacobs explained that the device is vital since dogs tend to keep their ailments concealed:

“Dogs tend to hide their pain from you,” Jacobs said. “They will act how their owners want them to act. Dogs will run a marathon with their owners until their paws bleed. That’s not an indication of health. That’s an indication of loyalty.”

But can it tell when your dog is rolling its eyes at you?