Larry Gagosian Didn’t Show Up to Party at His Own House, Bunch of Celebrities Did

Elton John, Larry Gagosian. (Courtesy Patrick McMullan)

Elton John and Larry Gagosian. (Courtesy Patrick McMullan)

How utterly Gatsby of you, Gogo.

The party was a “Chanel-sponsored fundraiser for the Natural Resources Defense Council,” held at the art dealer’s Holmby Hills mansion. The guy had a good excuse for not showing—he was at the Venice Biennale. Here’s an itemized list of the things he missed, courtesy the Wall Street Journal:

-A Buddhist blessing

-A short concert by Patti Smith and Karen O

-Emily Mortimer, Emma Roberts, Evan Peters, Angela Lindvall, Andrew Dominik

-A vegetarian meal by chef Travis Lett

-Pharrell Williams singing “Blurred Lines”

-Eli Broad’s birthday party, elsewhere in Los Angeles. (Cue the image of Mr. Broad wearing a cone-like birthday hat, waiting to blow out the candles on a very large birthday cake until the arrival of Mr. Gagosian, acting all pouty that melted wax is getting on the frosting.)

In other news, I missed the party because I was eating an enormous sandwich in my bed while watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, among a variety of other reasons, I imagine.

Update, 5:50 p.m.: A rep for Gagosian emphasized that since he was at the Venice Biennale, he was not expected at the event, and had loaned his home for the evening.