Layoffs Hit Sesame Street

SesamecastEven Sesame Street is not immune to economic woes. Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit organization behing the long running children’s show, laid off around 30 employees yesterday, Deadline Hollywood reported.

“We at Sesame Workshop are not immune to the challenges of today’s economic environment. After careful review, we have concluded that we must operate, and achieve our strategic priorities with fewer resources,”  CEO H. Melvin Ming said in a staff email yesterday afternoon. “Therefore, we have reluctantly determined that we must reduce our workforce by approximately 10 percent.”

Among those let go yesterday was Tom Ascheim. Mr. Ascheim, who came over to Sesame Street in 2012, was the CEO of Newsweek before the magazine merged with The Daily Beast and is a former executive at Nickelodeon.

But despite the pink slips, it isn’t all doom and gloom.


“We remain optimistic about our future and remain committed to our mission of helping children reach their highest potential here and around the globe,” a Sesame Workshop spokesperson told Deadline, while confirming the the layoffs.

Because if any company should be able to stay optimistic about the future in the face of layoffs, it should be Sesame Workshop.


Still, it has been a rough few years on the Street. Last year, 12 employees were let go and in 2009 more than 60 employees were laid off  from Sesame Workshop.

Layoffs Hit Sesame Street