Let There Be Fight! Brooklyn 20-somethings Tire of Being Told They’re Going to Hell

The underneath of the subway stop where Ray Bou preaches (via cactusbones)

The underneath of the subway stop where Ray Bou preaches (via cactusbones)

Residents of Williamsburg have finally said “enough!” to an electrically enhanced street preacher who has been plaguing them with his fire and brimstone speeches.

Ray Bou, a former crack and heroin addict, has been operating his sermons underneath the Marcy Avenue subway stop in Brooklyn for over a decade, and locals say they are sick of being told they’re going to burn in hell.

The radical roadside preacher has also been accused of excessive noise, as he uses a jacked-up electric guitar to aid his holy messages.

“He is trying to be louder than the train,” continued Martin Misiak, who lives on Broadway, told The Brooklyn Paper. “I literally cannot be in my apartment on the weekends and think clearly.”

Mr. Misiak started a petition to get Mr. Bou off the streets,  collecting 65 signatures from like-minded neighbors, but stopped when Mr. Bou’s fanatical followers allegedly threatened him.

“I was told to hide my face or I’d regret it on blood day,” a frightened Mr. Misiak said.

But it’s not just the noise that bothers passersby, Mr. Misiak said, it’s the content of the sermons. People using the subway stop complain of being made to feel guilty while trying to enjoy their weekends. Mr. Bou exclusively preaches on Saturday and Sunday.

“They come from good homes and they’ve never been poor, so they don’t know what it’s like to need god,” Mr. Bou told the paper, saying that the influx of affluent, god-less, 20-somethings is the real cause for alarm.

Other attributes of the electro-evangelist’s performance include acting out the Passion of the Christ, complete with beatings and blood, on Easter Sunday.

Let’s hope they find a way to make peace. The subway resembles hell enough in the morning without being told we’re going there.