Marc Andreessen Says One Day People Will Feel ‘Naked and Lonely’ Without Google Glass




Is Marc Andreessen trying to get someone to write a dystopian novel about our constantly connected near future? Because short of total environmental collapse, it’s hard to imagine a world bleaker than what he described today on CNBC. He thinks that one day soon, people will feel “cut off from the world” without their face computers/digital pacifiers.

He told CNBC:

“The idea of having the Internet with you all the time, being able to see, literally to be able to have the Internet in your field of vision … and to be able to talk to it, it basically just wraps you in all the information you would ever need all the time,” he said. “I think people are going find they feel, basically, naked and lonely, when they don’t have this at some point.”

For now, though, Mr. Andreessen finds his Google Glass a little too conspicuous and would very much like for the rest of us to catch up, so he doesn’t feel like such a chump:

“I would wear it constantly, but it draws too much attention. If you want to make friends, it’s like driving a ’67 Corvette. It’s a great way to get people to come up and talk to you on the street,” he said. “I need to live in a world where everyone has it on all the time.”

Ironically, this little bit of boosterism was tacked onto the end of a discussion about PRISM, the NSA’s data-mining effort. Can’t wait for the future, you guys!