Microsoft Creates Crowdfunding Campaign So You Don’t Have to Buy Your Own Damn Computer

Where was this when Zune existed?

This could be yours, college kids!

This could be yours, college kids!

If you think the products on Kickstarter were terrible, just wait until you see how Microsoft completely ruined (disrupted?) the crowdsourcing paradigm.

Introducing Chip In, a program from the computer giant that lets college students amass donations from people that go toward the purchase of a shiny, new PC. Microsoft said it will ~chip in~ 10 percent of the price on “select” (read: Acer) PCs.

Students with a “valid” college student email account (a.k.a. the .edu address where you send Urban Outfitters newsletters to) can pick a Windows computer they want and a campaign page is created. It’s to collecting donations for a charity walk, except in this case you’re the charity.

The first 10,000 uh, winners, receives a four-year subscription to something called Office 365 University.

Microsoft patted itself on its back celebrating this revolutionary idea:

“We know that heading to college is one of the top reasons students buy a new PC. It’s a powerful tool to support their education and stay in touch with their families and friends,” said Kristina Libby, head of Consumer Communications for Windows.

It’s also a great selling point to shame your nana into giving you $50 so you can illegally download Game of Thrones. Spin!