Midwood Woman Murdered For ‘Casting Spells’ On Husband



The NYPD uncovered a grisly murder scene at a Brooklyn apartment last night. According to The Post, police discovered a woman’s corpse in a Midwood basement, accompanied by a note that read, “I killed my wife, she was casting spells on me.”

Police found the body in the basement of a two-family home after a Midwood resident complained of a “foul smell,” The Post reported. The woman, who the Daily News identified as Chava Friedfertig, was 55-years-old and had been stabbed in the stomach multiple times. Her body was badly decomposed.

Neighbors told the Daily News that she and her “emotionally disturbed” husband were observant Jews who were frequently heard arguing. Mr. Friedfertig was allegedly taken into custody after police tracked him down to a psychiatric facility, where he said that his wife had cast spells on him.

An NYPD spokesman told The Observer that a person of interest has been identified in the case, but that no charges have been made. He was not authorized to comment further, and could not confirm whether a note was found with the body.