Mister Softee Exploits Midtown Tourists …. Like Everybody Else in Midtown



Just like every other business in Midtown, Mister Softee is taking a bite out of tourists’ paychecks by charging up to $2 more for a cone than in other New York neighborhoods. Citizens, where’s your outrage?

A New York Post “investigation” revealed that ice cream cones at eight different locations in Midtown cost $3 to $4, whereas locations in Park Slope and Harlem charged $2 for the same frozen treats.

We’re glad to know that The Post is looking out for the little guy.

One Long Island resident said the situation “stinks,” but added that “it’s not unexpected because you’re in Midtown. Everything is premium here.”

A Mister Softee truck driver told The Post that the higher costs were justified because trucks in Midtown were often ticketed on a daily basis. “Uptown, they don’t get tickets, so they don’t have to pay for those,” he said. “Here, we get like three tickets a day.”

A 50 percent increase in the price of an ice cream cone from one neighborhood to another is pretty outrageous. That being said, if you’re spending enough money on Mister Softee that this $2 disparity is making a major dent in your finances, you probably have bigger problems to deal with.