Netflix Introduces Max, a Virtual Assistant That’s Going to Guilt You Into Watching Scandal

It's “rumored to be the child of Siri and HAL 9000"

Ugh, hi Max. (Photo: YouTube)

Ugh, hi Max. (Photo: YouTube)

Reed Hastings’ imagineer streaming factory Netflix is releasing a virtual assistant named Max to keep reminding you that Mad Men is available to watch. Max is a nagging on-screen guide that talks (and presumably judges) you. It recommends cool digital content to consume by surveying you about your mood and previous things you’ve watched.

It’s like if Clippy became moribund with mono and couldn’t muster up the strength to leave the couch. And the font is ugly.

In a three-minute long video, the company’s Senior Manager for Product Innovation, Pedro Freitjas, proclaims that he wants you to get the max out of Netflix. “A new, innovative way to find television shows and movies that you’ll love,” he exclaimed because innovation and products.

To use Max, there’s a feature called “The Ratings Game,” a goofy, uh, game where you — get this — rate other titles, which results in a recommendation. Another neat cool product innovation that Max does is the “Celebrity Mood Ring,” a feature where you pick a celebrity and it finds something that they star in. It’s not like IMDB at all, stop saying that.

Max is only annoying users on PlayStation 3 consoles, but Netflix plans to roll it out for the iPad next week.

(H/T TechCrunch)