Now Your Cat Can Take Her Very Own Selfies, Thanks to ‘Snapcat’

Photo-sharing's highest, best use case.

He looks like kind of a stoner, though. (Photo: Snapcat)

He looks like kind of a stoner, though. (Photo: Snapcat)

At long last, a hackathon has produced something truly worthwhile. Meet Snapcat, a product of Berlin-based EyeEm’s recent photo hack day. It is a photo-sharing app designed explicitly for cats.

BRB, heading home to make my cat a STAR.

Download the app from the Google Play store (Android-only), fire it up and you’ll get a black screen with a red dot bouncing around. Whiskers swipes at the dot, and the app snaps a selfie. (Warning: If you are a human with slow reflexes, you might find this oddly difficult.) Soon your kitty will be wise in the ways of flattering angles.

Pretty sure this is actually a strategy to distract our would-be feline overlords and prevent them from finally gaining the upper hand. 

(h/t Laughing Squid)