Scared of Face Detection Software? Try These Insane Light-Up Glasses

Also known as a 21st-century chastity belt.

google glass facial recognition disrupter

Because this doesn’t look sketchy at all. (Screengrab: YouTube)

People are freaking out about Google Glass’s facial recognition capabilities, because apparently people are super-important government spies who cannot be recognized by Glassholes under any circumstances.

Luckily, Japan’s National Institute of Informatics has created these stylish, discreet glasses to intercept facial recognition software, according to Gizmodo. Because if you don’t want people to look at you, a pair of wired glasses with 11 LED lights will definitely help with that.

Regular, non-Glass-wearing passersby won’t see the light issuing from the glasses, but they will see the white plastic mini-bulbs all over the bridge and lenses, as evidenced by the picture above. So the glasses function not only as privacy insurance, but also as birth control.