Silicon Valley Pushes For Immigration Because Americans Aren’t That Good at Stuff

You go ahead and develop the next iPhone, we'll just be over here Snapchatting.

Can't code? Turn around. (Photo: Wikimedia)

Can’t code? Turn around. (Photo: Wikimedia)

America may be the land of the free (relatively, like compared to North Korea), but it’s also apparently the home of the lazy.

Big Silicon Valley tech companies are stepping up lobbying efforts for immigration reform — not because their hearts bleed for the impoverished, but because we Yanks just aren’t cutting it vis-a-vis tech savvy. According to Reuters:

“… tech companies have stepped up their lobbying this week in support of a comprehensive U.S. immigration reform bill. Human resources executives from Adobe (ADBE.O), Broadcom (BRCM.O), Intel (INTC.O), Motorola Solutions (MSI.N) and other corporations met with dozens of lawmakers and senior advisers on Wednesday from the congressional committees in charge of immigration laws.”

This is because the companies are “eager to secure more visas for skilled foreign workers,” Reuters says. The bill they’re pushing would boost the number of available visas, give 11 million illegal immigrants a chance to become citizens — and use billions in taxpayer funds to increase security at the United States’ border with Mexico.

Hear that, foreign countries? Don’t bother with your tired, poor, huddled masses. We’d rather poach your finest computer science geniuses and continue to push past you in tech while our own citizens play Angry Birds all day.