Sugar Baby: Malia Obama Feeds Sweet Tooth at Legendary LES Candy Shop

(Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

Even the President’s daughter sneaks a treat now and again.

Malia Obama was spotted Friday stocking up on sweets at Economy Candy.

“Apparently even the First Family needs candy. One of the Obama daughters was in the store with her Secret Service force to stock up!” the store posted on its Facebook page. “Hope she shares with Mom and Dad!”

One witness said she wanted to snap a picture of the exciting occasion, but was freaked out by the secret service.

“No pics of her were allowed though. Sorry guys I’m little, I didn’t want to risk getting tackled by her secret service men,” Delilah Firpi wrote on Facebook.

A store cashier confirmed to Bowery Boogie that Malia visited the store with “unspecified classmates” for a school trip. But alas, they could not remember the type of candy she purchased from the Rivington Street shop.

And Malia may not be the only member of the first family to frequented the neighborhood mainstay. First Lady Michelle Obama, who has championed healthy living, visited the sweet spot a few years ago, according to Bowery Boogie.

Just remember Malia, everything in moderation!