Talk to the Hand: Bluetooth Gloves Let You Look Like a 3-Year-Old Pretending to Be on the Phone

So chic.

What is this grown woman doing? (Photo: Gizmodiva)

What is this grown woman doing? (Photo: Gizmodiva)

Bluetooth earpieces, largely favored by khaki-wearing Dads with Blackberries holstered to their Brooks Brothers belts, can sometimes make you look like such an Old. If you’re looking for a way to appear as douchey as you do juvenile, we’ve found the perfect phone accessory for you–though this one isn’t exactly hands-free.

Introducing Bluetooth gloves: after wirelessly syncing to your cell phone, you can hold your hand up to your ear like a 3-year-old playing pretend and talk to into it, immediately creating an even more bizarre sight than people on Bluetooth earpieces who look like they’re talking into the void. The gloves are cleverly dubbed Talk to the Hand.

Somebody invent a real working bananaphone and then give us a ring.