Thank Your Lucky Stars That MySpace’s Redesign Disappears Old Blogs

All those pissy little teen rants: Vanished!



Guess there are still a few people who give a crap about MySpace, after all. TechCrunch reports that the site’s few remaining users are not happy with the redesign, which cut off access to everyone’s old, personalized pages in favor of some new music-sharing scheme.

Complaints are flying fast and furious in the forums: “A PLACE FOR FRIENDS” was  the objective. My page was like my Cyber home, it had a unique look and feel,” writes one user. “It is UNCONSCIONABLE to completely wipeout your memberships archives with ZERO warning!! YOU have just signed your own ‘cybersite’ death warrants,” warns another, very angry person.  “everything gone????? just becouse u felt like pulling the plug? INSANE.” You know that last guy is serious because he included lots of question marks.

Sure, it’s a blow to the nostalgia-prone and the cultural historians of the future.

But let’s get real: Most people who maintained a long-abandoned MySpace page in their adolescence should be thanking God and also Justin Timberlake right now. Just be grateful that if you ever achieve any sort of notoriety, there’ll be nowhere to check for your bathroom-mirror selfies and rants about how Mom is such a bitch because she wouldn’t let me go to the Good Charlotte concert with Kathy, God, I can’t wait until college.

With Xanga on its way out, too, soon all that will be left to embarrass you is… everything else you’ve ever done on the Internet.