The Awl Is All Grown Up, Looking for an Editor in Chief

Screenshot of The Awl.

Screenshot of The Awl.

They grow up so fast. The Awl network, which was founded by Gawker alums Choire Sicha and Alex Balk back in 2009 and now includes five sites on topics ranging from adorkable women to money, is looking for an editor in chief. The Awl announced the job opening this morning in a post which, like many of the stories on the site, runs long (it clocks in at 796 words).

“As we enter our fifth year, we find ourselves part of an organization that has expanded from two guys typing in winter coats in a unheated room on St. Mark’s Place (RIP Cat the cat) to a flourishing collection of Internet publications which expand on our original mission while remaining true to our core convictions—and remaining entirely independently owned and self-supporting. We have an office, and it has both heat and air conditioning,” the job posting says.“Now, to embrace the opportunities your support has afforded us, while still remaining mindful of our founding principles, it is almost impossible for its founders to personally maintain this site. So we are closing down The Awl, effective immediately. Kidding! No. Instead, The Awl has grown up, and is therefore in search of an editor-in-chief.”

According to the post, the site is publicly soliciting résumés in order to find people they don’t know and because it’s more in keeping with the spirit of the site than, “like, employing a headhunter.”

“This role has a large amount of autonomy, and therefore applicants need to have the attention to detail of a great managing editor, the confidence of an editor-in-chief and the moral compass of a columnist,” the post reads. “Most importantly, we are primarily a horizontal and non-hierarchical organization, with an extremely strict no-assholes policy. Behavior is as much prized as talent; genuineness is as valuable as genius.”

Confidentiality is assured (we’ve come a long way from the good old days of Mr. Sicha and Mr. Balk’s Gawker). And don’t worry, the email inbox works just fine, so no need to check in. But in keeping with the spirit of The Awl (no assholes!) the directive against annoying follow-up emails is phrased in the nicest way possible.