The Witches Of Bushwick: New Brooklyn Coven Celebrates Lady Cycles

 Pictured: Not the witches I'm talking about. (Getty)

Pictured: The kind of image the Moon Church want to throw off, but we printed anyway. (Getty)

They’re the Witches of the East (New York)-but they don’t seem all that wicked.

A new sisterhood of wiccans has opened up in trendy Bushwick, but they’re less concerned with magic and more concerned with celebrating all things feminine.

The Moon Church, not to be confused with the infamous brainwashing cult, are focused on positive traditions involving community, queer political issues and menstruation, according to a piece in the Brooklyn Paper. 

They also really seem to love saying the word cycle:

“We have a circle that is about loving your body and learning how to reclaim your menstrual cycle,” said head witch Lyndsey Harrington. “It’s all about manifestation and noticing our cycles that we experience as related to cosmic cycle.”

Members of the Church aren’t afraid of using a little technological magic to help them either. A dedicated Facebook page releases details of upcoming castings and links to feminist discussion groups.

The group's logo, which probably represents something womanly.

The group’s logo, which probably represents something womanly.

The group, based in the McKibben Lofts, also have a website littered with reclaimed words, such as referring to history as “herstory,” and talking about “magick” and “womyn.”

It also reveals the cosmic ambitions of the sisters, stating that they “Exist multi-dimensionally, in cyberspace and outer space.” Let’s hope the Lofts can accommodate all those extra dimensions.

The site goes on to describe their members as “creatrixes, priestesses and sphinxes.”

Should we should warn the environment department there are a bunch of mythical creatures running around Brooklyn?