These Photos of Williamsburg Transformed Into 1920s Chicago Will Make Every Hipster So, So Happy

Boardwalk brittanynatale

That ain’t the Williamsburg Post. (via brittanynatale)

Residents of Williamsburg were overjoyed this week as their beloved neighborhood was transported back in time.

The trendy area was made-over for the HBO hit Boardwalk Empire, set in 1920s Chicago.

The transformation will surely be a hit with the locals, whose vintage styles suggest they probably wish they lived in the past anyway.

The hipster inhabitants should be careful what they wish for though. The show is set in the time of prohibition, so they’d just have to drink their PBR at home.

boardwalk brittanynatale 2

Overalls were hip back then too! (brittanynatale)

Boardwalk brittanynatale 3

Driving tests, 1920s style. (brittanynatale)

Boardwalk 1

Let’s hope he stopped tweeting before filming started. (eringoldberger)

Boardwalk 2

I saw someone wearing this outfit in McCarren the other day. (eringoldberger)

Boardwalk 3

Just another day over the bridge (erikthered)

Boardwalk 5

2013’s must-have car, Billyburg edition (kathrynmcginnis)

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