This Sadistic Glass Balances on Your Phone So You Can’t Text at Bars

Just don't spill the beer on your phone.

The Offline Glass. (Photo: Vimeo)

The Offline Glass. (Photo: Vimeo)

It’s an all too common occurrence when millennials hang out at a bar together: we’re constantly on our phones, blatantly ignoring what any of our friends are saying. But there is a solution to you weirdos who are craving eye contact, and its comes in the form of a specially designed glass.

Introducing the “Offline Glass,” a, well, glass that has half of its bottom cut out so that it can’t stabilize itself without a phone supporting it. So, it spills when you try to grab your phone. It’s been tested in the suave sounding Salve Jorge Bar in Brazil, but patrons have been stealing them in heaps. The creators says it’s unfortunately not a foolproof solution:

“We do not intend to [actually] solve the problem,” said Art Director Mauricio Perussi. “The Offline Glass is just a funny way to annoy friends who only have eyes for their cellphones.”

As Fast Company notes that if you’re that attached to your iPhone because it’s the only thing that loves you, there’s a workaround: holding your phone in one hand and the glass in the other.

But how would you pick at the appetizers?