Tony Robbins Guest Edits Private Islands Magazine, Owns a Private Island

Tony Robbins owns an island and you don't. (YouTube)

Tony Robbins owns an island and you don’t. (YouTube)

Self-help guru/reanimated Easter Island moai Tony Robbins is back! After conquering all bad feelings and motivating himself to the highest levels of success at seminar-giving, the founder of the Unleash the Power Within (UPW) was tangled up in an embarrassing PR blunder last summer after administering treatment for “minor burns” during his firewalking retreat.

But it’s like the saying goes: when life gives you lemons, convince a bunch of people to pay $10,000 for a four-day lemonade making class, and using the net profits, buy a private island in Fiji. Then just kick back and wait for the prestigious Private Islands Magazine comes calling.

From Mr. Robbins’ opening letter in Private Islands, which has one of the more addictive websites we’ve ever been to:

Today, I am privileged to call Fiji “home” and to have created and built the number one resort and spa in the Fijian islands: Namale Resort and Spa. We have more than 525 acres, three miles of oceanfront, a rainforest that connects to the sea, extraordinary waterfalls, some of the finest diving in the South Pacific, and a 10,000-square-foot spa that has won every award in Fiji and been listed as one of the top ten resorts and spas in the entire South Pacific. Last year Oprah named Namale her #1 place in the world on her list of “Favorite Things.” It’s a secluded tropical paradise with only 20 villas – where a maximum of 40 guests are looked after by more than 150 Fijian staff, ensuring our guests’ every desire is met.

This is less an editor’s letter than it is what we in the business like to call “Straight Up Bragging.” Then again, this is a publication that’s geared towards individuals to whom “rainforest spa” is a requirement when considering their next property purchase, so maybe waving your Oprah and “150+ Fiji staffers” flag plays better to this crowd than it does at TED.

Tony Robbins Guest Edits <em>Private Islands Magazine</em>, Owns a Private Island