Windows Phone Finally Gets Its Own Depressing Snapchat Clone

Get excited, all six of you!

"Swapchat" (Photo: WinSource)

“SwapChat” (Photo: WinSource)

The Windows Phone, a knock-off of a real phone, which you can commonly find in the back of bodegas in Queens, finally has its own Snapchat clone. It’s called SwapChat and, judging by a video showing its logo and interface, it feels even cheaper than the .99 cents some of the Microsoft devices are offered for.

WinSource, a website which bills itself as a place where “All we do is #win,” got its hands on the scraggly imitator that does most of the same features the popular app does. Well, it does 90 percent of what Real Snapchat does, like send a picture and watch it dissolve after a set amount of seconds.

So, what are the 10 percent of features doesn’t it do? Well, the fun things like send video snappies or alert you when someone takes a screenshot. We’re all guessing it doesn’t feature any fun hacks, like reverting a picture negatively or in black and white. Seems like that’s a generous percentage, WinSource!

Swapchat is slated to be released into the deserted Luggage section of a Sears in Des Moines, er the Windows Phone Store sometime soon.

Windows Phone Finally Gets Its Own Depressing Snapchat Clone