Woman’s Fake Boob Explodes Because She Can’t Stop Playing iPhone Game

We've all been there.

(Photo: Getty)

(Photo: Getty)

Two of the most significant technological achievements of our time — silicone breast implants and iPhone video games — recently met in a Beijing apartment and the results were not pretty.

A young woman was lying in bed and playing a game called Dragon Summon on her iPhone for four hours straight when she felt pain in her chest, according to The Daily MailIt turned out her G-cup implant had ruptured.

Chinese news site SZNews (shoutout to Google Translate) references “pretty small and low self-esteem because of the chest,” and inexplicably refers to the woman by the pseudonym Iverson. It is unknown if she has since replaced the G-cup implant, The Daily Mail reports.

Hospital doctors said the implant looked “pretty low quality.” SZNews urges readers not to over-indulge in video games due to the possibility of “a fake chest explosive event.”

Also, if you’re playing a game called Dragon Summon for four hours straight, you might be a little young for plastic surgery.