World Moves One Step Closer to Dystopian Future Where We Eat, Sleep, Breathe Amazon

No escape.

Now is the part where I throw my head back and laugh. (Photo:

Now is the part where I throw my head back and laugh. (Photo:

We’re so, so close to a world where Amazon removes all reason for you to leave your apartment. You can order lightbulbs for same-day delivery and, while you wait, watch Dora the Explorer in the dark. And soon, Reuters reports, you’ll be able to order fresh groceries (as opposed to the staples available now) from the company.

Amazon is expanding its AmazonFresh pilot in Seattle, soon to Los Angeles and then San Francisco later this year. Depending on the results, Amazon might expand to 20 other cities in 2014.

We’ll see whether they can pry FreshDirect’s fingers from the New York market. But a “supermarket analyst” says grocery stores might want to worry: “The fear is that grocery is a loss leader and Amazon will make a profit on sales of other products ordered online at the same time….That’s an awesomely scary prospect for the grocery business.”

Cradle-to-grave Bezos, that’s America’s future.