Yo! Sushi Debuts Drone Waiters Because It’s Not Like Struggling Actors Need Jobs

Or the waiters could just carry the food.

Right in your face. (Photo: Eater)

Right in your face. (Photo: Eater)

Finally eliminating the need for cumbersome waiters, British restaurant chain Yo! Sushi is testing out a drone to deliver its sodium-soaked food to patrons. Creatively dubbed the iTray, the “flying waiter” zips around the restaurant at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour to ensure an unsafe and nerve-wrecking dining experience.

The elaborate publicity stunt–excuse me, the small carbon fiber framed device–is equipped with four rotors and is loaded with a platter of food that is controlled using an iPad. It travels more than six times the waiter’s usual walking speed, which is apparently comparable to that of a baby turtle. If it’s popular, the machines will roll out to more than 60 other restaurants so that everyone in Britain can experience the thrill of getting smacked in the face and watch a dish of unremovable soy sauce stain someones whites shirt.

Here’s how one terrified customer described it to the Daily Mail:

‘When I ordered the burger I never imagined it would come flying towards me on a tray, said Mark Love. ‘It was amazing and the weirdest thing, like something out of a science fiction novel. It was delivered as if by magic, like an alien flying saucer bringing food directly onto my table.’

Remind us to order whatever he had.