You Can Now Buy @GSElevator-Themed Items, Like a $3,000 Backgammon Set

Gifts for Twitter's 1 percent.

Looks great on our Ikea coffee table. (Photo: Gentology)

Looks great on our Ikea coffee table. (Photo: Gentology)

There’s not much we know about @GSElevator, the anonymous high-brow (bordering on despicable) Twitter account that supposedly shares lurid gossip from Goldman Sachs’ elevators. Since 2011, it has racked up nearly half a million followers for giving normals a glimpse into the high-rolling, glitterati lifestyles of the assholic bankerbros at the vaunted company.

And since most of us are too poor to ever stride beyond the gold-plated columns of the House of Devious Practices & Ethics, we can at least now buy a snippet of it. The novelty Twitter account has opened a storefront on Gentology, a “celebrity-curated shopping club” for men only. Other popular celebrities on the website include Three 6 Mafia, Juvenile, and some kid named Tyler Baltierra from MTV’s 16 and Pregnant.

The first item for sale is a $3,000 premium leather Backgammon set, which is exactly something an investment banker would have on the coffee table of his yacht. @GSElevator’s creator told Betabeat that the idea of selling Goldman Sachs-themed items came from a supposedly hugely popular Christmas list that they shared on Twitter last year.

“I posted that because they were things that I liked and I was curious if I could get people to click on a link. 140,000 clicks later I realized that I had the power to influence,” the thinkfluencer wrote to us. Other items going forward in the future will be “sexy, attention-grabbing” that fit @GSElevator’s motif of highlighting the terribleness of the 1 percent.

The store’s proceeds benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation, so at least you can write off that $3,000 purchase. There are more items planned for the store, but @GSElevator told us they’ll be “exceptionally selective” and will not “compromise my integrity.”

But can you put a price on integrity? And does it come in leather?