Astronauts Forced to Do Space Chores

Time to rake the space leaves.

Space maid (Photo:

Space maid (Photo:

Italy accomplished its first space walk at the International Space Station yesterday, and astronaut Luca Parmitano even came bearing tiramisu. But what did the ISS programme force Mr. Parmitano to do for his inaugural jaunt into the ether? Space chores. But moooooom!

ABC News reports that Mr. Parmitano, accompanied by American astronaut Christopher Cassidy, tackled a handful of “chores” around the ISS, including attaching a new space-to-ground transmitter and collecting experiments that will be sent back to earth aboard a SpaceX capsule.

He also attempted to place a cover overtop a shuttle docking port to protect against meteors, but had a little trouble getting it to fit properly. “It’s kind of like when you’re trying to make your bed by yourself,” Mr. Parmitano told ABC News. “One side is a little bit shorter than the other.”

We imagine he also swept the moon dust from the balconies, polished the helmets and disinfected the space toilet.