Attention Social Media Ninjas: The First Twitter-Themed Hotel Has Opened in Mallorca

All day I dream about #content.

It's #real. (Photo: YouTube)

It’s #real. (Photo: YouTube)

If you love #brands, #content and #socialmedia, then we’ve found your perfect hotel. The Sol Wave House in Mallorca is establishing itself as the world’s first “Twitter experience hotel” so that instant gratification upon receiving a “fave” or a “retweet” never takes a vacation. 

In a press release, the beachside resort says the Twitter-themed hotel ensures new “friendships, experiences, surprise, excitement and ‘buzz'” so you’re at least two piña colada’s deep when you experience your initial meet-cute with that hottie from Twitter. So, what makes this place Twitter heaven? There are so-called Twitter Concierges that accepts requests via a hashtag (like checking your Klout score?), Wi-Fi throughout the hotel and plenty of hashtags to troll.

First, theres the #SocialWave hashtag, inspired by the hotel’s dope flowboarding pool, that guests are encouraged to use when documenting their stay. And there’s the slick sounding hashtag #TwitterPartySuites, which are champagne-filled cabanas since tweet-ups are only manageable if you’re tipsy. Every Friday, the hotel celebrates with a #TwitterPoolParty so make sure you buy a waterproof iPhone case?

The hotel’s general manager explains:

“Our main client profile, young and social, is always looking for new experiences and emotions shared with a growing virtual community; With #SocialWave we wanted to meet this aspiration, which binds to the quality and striking design of our product and the outstanding beauty of the environment. “

Social media doublespeak never rests.