Booting Up: 63 Tech Companies are Publishing a Letter Calling for More NSA Transparency

More people prefer him. (Photo: Netflix)

More people prefer him. (Photo: Netflix)

Several dozen tech companies, including Google, Apple and Facebook, are jointly publishing a letter calling on the NSA to be more transparent. [AllThingsD]

Verizon’s raked in $30 billion in revenue and added 1 million in new subscribers in the second quarter if you were worried about them. [USA Today]

Ouya is embarking on a new $1 million Kickstarter campaign. The Android-powered gaming console will match donations between $50,000 and $250,000 but developers who accept the money must make their games exclusive to Ouya for six months. [The Verge]

Lonely Planet is laying off several employees across the world and shifting its digital offices from Melbourne, Australia to bucolic Nashville. [Skift]

More people are supposedly watching old television series, like Mad Men, than Netflix’s original programs such as House of Cards.  [Wall Street Journal]