Booting Up: Apple’s Developer Site Was Hacked Into But Least Your Personal Info Is Encrypted

Hacked? (Photo:

Hacked? (Photo:

Apple’s developer site is down because it was targeted by hackers last week. The intruders stole some user information but the company said it’s encrypted and won’t reopen until security measures are strengthened. [CNET]

Later this year, Twitter is introducing a PhotoDNA system that will supposedly identify pictures of child porn and block them. [Guardian]

A guy in Germany has figured out a way to hack into SIM cards to further spread malware, surveillance and madness. [Forbes]

Facebook for Every Phone, the social network’s feature phone version, has hit 100 million users. [Verge]

Don’t wait until August 1 if you want to see Google’s Moto X smartphone as pictures of it have already leaked. [PC Mag]