Booting Up: Get Excited for Neat New 15-Second TV-Style Video Ads On Your Facebook

This is a Surface. (Photo: Microsoft)

This is a Surface. (Photo: Microsoft)

Facebook is planning to roll out 15-second video ads that could fetch as much as $2.5 million a day. The invention of the TV-style adverts is part of the social network’s plan to capture some of the billions in advertising that are typically funneled to TV networks. [Bloomberg]

Microsoft has only generated $850 million in revenue from the Surface tablet. [GeekWire]

You could book reservations on OpenTable and if all goes well, you might soon be able to pay for it using the app. [New York Times]

If you’re a lucky Google Glass Explorer winner, then some of you are getting the chance to invite a friend to the program to drum up interest. [ZDNet]

More VCs prefer to use LinkedIn than Twitter: 95 percent of them have profiles on the business-centric site compared to 64 percent who are on Twitter. [PEHub]