Booting Up: It’s Devilishly Difficult to Sell Christian Video Games, Apparently

It's tough out there.

It’s tough out there.

Today the NYPD will release harmless, odorless gases into several subway stations, to test how a real airborne event would unfold. What, you mean the piss smell isn’t some decades-long experiment? [New York Daily News]

The woman who oversees development of Google’s developer tools is a part-time vintner, single mom and apparent badass. (Don’t read the comments.) [Wired]

Did you know that there’s a company dedicated to making video games based on the apocalyptic Christian fiction series “Left Behind”? Apparently Satan’s been hard at work on their finances, because it’s not going to so well. [Quartz]

Pat Roberson would like a “vomit” button on Facebook, so he could accurately express his feelings about the gays. Conveniently, that would allow the rest of us to accurately express our feelings about Pat Roberston. [Huffington Post]

With the company’s ereader division losing major moola, Barnes and Noble’s digital wonderboy CEO William Lynch has resigned. You gave it your best shot, dude. [New York Times]