Booting Up: Shazam ID’s Its Way to Fresh Funding, WebTV Gets the Ax

The tech industry,

The tech industry. (Photo:

New York Times’ sugardaddy Carlos Slim is investing $40 million into music discovery app Shazam. The company plans to use the little treat to bolster its television feature that can identify a commercial’s song and direct users to their website. [Reuters]

Facebook’s improved Graph Search rolls out to “several hundreds of millions” of people who use American English this week. [ABC News]

The overal median age of workers in the tech industry is very, very young. Eight of the 32 companies surveyed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the median age was just 30 years old or younger. For example, Facebook’s median age is 28 and Google’s is 29. [New York Times]

Solar Impulse’s plane, which was powered entirely by the sun, landed successfully from its cross-country jaunt in New York over the weekend. [TechCrunch]

Aw, remember MSN TV (née WebTV)? If not, don’t worry: it’s being killed off at the end of September. [AllThingsD]