Booting Up: Supposedly, Google Reader Is Dead Because No One Wanted to Take Care of It

On the next... (Photo:

On the next… (Photo:

Netflix’s Q2 subscription numbers were buoyed by the new season of Arrested Development. The streaming service added 600,000 subs and generated $1.07 billion in revenue, which met investor expectations. [AllThingsD]

Google Reader is dead but its autopsy is still not finished. The RSS service reportedly perished not just because of decline in usage, but no one wanted to take ownership of it because it simply wasn’t important to Google. [BuzzFeed]

Yahoo’s media exec Mickie Rosen is departing the company. She oversaw the commerce and content side of the business, including News, Shine and OMG and supposedly wasn’t a close confidant to CEO Marissa Mayer. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Facebook employees are remembering their chef Josef Desimone who died in a motorcycle accident. Mark Zuckerberg called him “energetic and driven” in a company-wide letter. [TechCrunch]

Tweets about the royal baaaby clocked in at 25,000 tweets per minute yesterday, plus the hashtag #royalbaby was used 900,000 times since last week. [Twitter UK]