Elephant in the Room: Republican Operative Buys at the Touraine

The fenestration is a bit off, but Toll Brothers gets graded on a curve: A+.

The fenestration is a bit off, but Toll Brothers gets graded on a curve: A+.

Michael Levoff‘s bosses have tended toward the conservative—he has served as a spokesman for Michael Bloomberg, Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman—and so does his taste in real estate. The PR professional and current vice president for public affairs at the Partnership for New York, a network of the city’s top business leaders, just picked up a fifth-floor condo on the Upper East Side.

Mr. Levoff is also Neil Simon’s stepson (his mother, actress Elaine Joyce, is Mr. Simon’s fourth—or fifth, depending on how you count—wife), but he’ll be no Prisoner of Second Avenue: Mr. Levoff’s new pad is in the Touraine, a traditionally-styled but recently-erected Toll Brothers development at 132A East 65th Street on Lexington Avenue. (Nor will he be 45 Seconds from Broadway or Lost in Yonkers—in fact, he appears to have chosen his latest real estate move to be totally unpunable with regards to his stepfather’s New York-themed oeuvre.)

The apartment is a three-bedroom, three-bath unit spread over a spacious 1,853 square feet—not quite large enough for separate living and dining rooms, but at least the kitchen is a distinct room and not carved out of the main living space by an island. Plus, the home comes with an abundance of closet space. For such pleasure, Mr. Levoff will shell out a not-so-even $3,732,894.32 (it’s that 32 cents that makes all the difference).

Mr. Levoff is no stranger to New York City real estate, but before this he’s always showed up on deeds with his mother. There was, for example, the 24th-floor one-bedroom (from which we imagine you could hear Laughter on the 23rd Floor) in an awful postwar building next to the Flatiron Building that they bought in 2004. And then there was a $1.9 million two-bedroom at the Chelsea Stratus (bought in 2008, sold last year for $2.15 million), and another at the Platinum, which is within easy walking distance of the Theater District, but otherwise a bit too midtown for a consummate New York City insider (bought for just under $1.8 million in 2008, and sold earlier this year for a $70,000 profit). Both of the one-bedrooms, like the Touraine spread, were new construction when Mr. and Mom Levoff picked them up.

Given that this is Mr. Levoff’s first big-boy apartment without his mom on the deed, we take it that he might finally have found a place to settle down?