Fire of My Loins! An Ode to the Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger

The pretzel bacon cheeseburger, as seen from above. (Screencap: YouTube)

The pretzel bacon cheeseburger, as seen from above. (Screencap: YouTube)

Well, it wasn’t the healthiest lunch we could have eaten, but the siren song of the pretzel bacon cheeseburger beckoned us this afternoon to that edifice of grease otherwise known as Wendy’s, on 34th Street, where later today former 98 Degrees frontman Nick Lachey will sing the most creative tweets devoted to the burger.

In the past few hours, the latest addition to the menu at Wendy’s has inspired a slew of passionate missives (tagged with #pretzellovesongs), despite that it is kind of gross in the way that most decadent fast food items are.

There must be something about the 680-calorie concoction, however, that inspires such elegant paeans of love. Perhaps it is the soft pretzel dough of the bun–a clever innovation, though we’d have preferred it to be salted–or the goopy, half-melted slices of cheese that glue the sandwich together.

Or maybe it’s the desire to put words in Mr. Lachey’s mouth (his performance is slated to air live at 6:30 tonight). We know that was what motivated us to sample the burger, which we scarfed down, on an empty stomach, with fries and a Coke. It was kind of intoxicating.