Five Ways to Tell If J.K. Rowling Has Ghost-Written Your Book

J.K. Rowling with her most famous work. (Getty)

J.K. Rowling with her most famous work. (Getty)

The revelation this weekend that a commercially unrecognized British novel The Cuckoo’s Calling was, in fact, written by author J. K. Rowling has led many among us to wonder if the book we’re currently reading was perhaps written by the Harry Potter author. Here’s five ways to check.

1. The first letter of every chapter combines to bring you to the Pottermore website.

2. For a detective novel written by an ex-military professional, there are a lot of capes.

3.The inscription reads “Obscuro Young Adultus!

4. The blurbs are all written by Richard Bachman.

5. It’s written by a woman named “Joanne Rowling.”