Google Glass Could Increase Your Data Bill and Place a Burden On Our Precious Internet

Not OK Glass!

He can afford it. (Photo: Tumblr)

He can afford it. (Photo: Tumblr)

Beware Google Glass owners: your high tech face computer could end up costing you a ton of money (besides the $1,500 price tag, that is). Analysts predict that the wearable pieces will become a financial burden if you decide to tether the Wi-Fi enabled device to your cell phone, effectively draining the hell out of your data plan.

In today’s Washington Post, Brian Fung predicts that if millions of people buy Google Glass and decide to tether it to their phones, it’s going to put an “enormous new burden” on wireless company’s infrastructures and force them to increase capacity. And to pay for that, telcos will most likely charge you, the lowly customer, even more.

Mr. Fung explains the impact it will have:

Tethering would go from being a nice-to-have feature that’s occasionally useful when you’re on the road to something that’s absolutely necessary for your new toy to function as advertised. And, assuming the FCC didn’t require all wireless carriers to make tethering free, it’d be a huge source of potential revenue for companies like AT&T.

Of course, when Apple’s iPhone was first introduced for mass consumption, the same fear that the data-leeching devices would destroy the nation’s infrastructure didn’t materialize. Instead,carriers built more capacity and charged more for data, both occurrences Mr. Fungs believes will happen again.

Chances are if you can afford a $1,500 toy, an extra $50 or so to your monthly plan isn’t going to bankrupt you.