Google Hopes to Offer Life Extension as a Perk So You Can Work There Forever and Ever Without Leaving

Work at Google like your life depends on it ('cuz it does).



Google already provides its employees with nap pods, free meals and cute little bikes to shuttle them between buildings on campus, but one thing they haven’t yet figured out how to work into employee agreements is access to the fountain of youth.

But this is Google–dream big! The father of the Singularity, Ray Kurzweil, is toiling away in Mountain View creating an artificial brain. So why shouldn’t they expect a future in which they offer their employees life extension as a perk?

At a recent HR event at the Commonwealth Club, Google Director of Staffing Todd Carlisle hinted at a future where Google would offer treatments for elongating your life alongside those snacks and the free transportation. According to ZDNet:

[Mr. Carlisle] asked, what if a perk of working at a company was that it extended your life? He said that people would likely never leave, they would be incredibly loyal.

Who wants to spend decades cultivating talented engineers just to have them die after spending their whole lives sitting in front of computers? Immortal code monkeys are much better for the bottom line.