Groundbreaking Piece of Important New Technology Identifies Sarcasm in Internet Comments

This is awesome, great work.

Could have just hired her. (Photo:

Could have just hired her. (Photo:

Sarcasm flows freely through the Internet like a cheap glass of wine gushes through Kathie Lee Gifford’s body, but to the uneducated it could be hard to identify.

Spotter, a French software company, has developed a piece of software that identifies sarcasm in Internet comments so now you’ll actually know if your fellow Reddit users think your link is interesting or not. According to the BBC, the software uses an algorithm-based pattern that combines users’ linguistics, semantics, and heuristics to identify sarcastic comments with an 80 percent accuracy rate.

It can identify sarcasm in 29 languages and counts some squares as clients, like the U.K.’s Home Office, travel companies, and courts in Dubai. Richard May, a sales director at Spotter, said sarcasm is usually aimed at airlines or rail lines during delayed trips via social media.

“One of our clients is Air France. If someone has a delayed flight, they will tweet, ‘Thanks Air France for getting us into London two hours late’ – obviously they are not actually thanking them,” he said. “We also have to be very specific to specific industries. The word ‘virus’ is usually negative. But if you’re talking about virus in the context of the medical industry, it might not be.”

Of course, asking a teen would probably result in a 100 percent rate, but that would hinder Spotter from collecting its $1,500 monthly fee. This sounds like an amazing piece of technology, indeed.