Helicopter Parents Now Using Find My iPhone to Ensure Teens Aren’t Making Out With Each Other

Slightly more horrifying than all that NSA stuff.

"Hi mom now 5ft from school w entire class plus teacher, will text u when im inside" (Photo: Getty)

“Hi dad now 5ft from school w entire class plus teacher, will text u when im inside” (Photo: Getty)

Ah, your first cell phone. If you’re an older millennial, it didn’t come until high school, and parents were still dumb enough to believe you when you claimed you never got any of their calls after dark.

Teens these days, though, are dealing with parents who have a better grasp on tech — and those parents are using apps like Find Your iPhone to monitor their kids’ whereabouts 24/7, USA Today reports.

Georgia dad Rob Coker told USA Today that he’ll use “any piece of technology” he can get his mitts on to monitor his two daughters, Ashley, 17, and Grayson, 14.

The sisters claim they don’t mind. Clearly they’re not into hanging out at bad kids’ houses or having vehicular make-out sessions in abandoned parking lots.

Other parents use apps like MyKey to make sure their kids aren’t driving like little assholes, USA Today reports. If you’ve ever been a teen driver yourself, it’s hard to argue that curbing kids’ insane driving habits could be beneficial for everyone.

But re: the constant monitoring, we’re sure kids these days are finding ways to get around it. And if not, just think of it as grooming for the future, when government spies will take the place of those meddlesome parents.