If You Want to Make a Dude Jealous, Just Use Emoticons

Scientific advice.

Naughty smiley. (Photo: Photobucket)

Naughty smiley. (Photo: Photobucket)

Are you an indiscriminate emoticon user, flinging coy winky faces and lusty kissy smilies at anybody who engages with you online? We’re sure you deploy emoticons all in good fun, but there’s a good chance the men in your life aren’t too happy with your obsessive use of them. In fact, they know exactly what all those emoticons mean: you’re CHEATING, aren’t you?

A recent study conducted by Roanoke College found that high achievers (read: teacher’s pets) are actually more prone to “Facebook jealousy,” or being jealous of messages sent to or from their partner. Driven women suffered from Facebook jealousy at a much higher rate, but only men became more suspicious when ladies got all sultry and broke out the emoticons. Adding a winky face made men more jealous, while the emoticon had no effect on women.

According to the Daily Mail, “The winking emoticon was most likely perceived as flirtatious, perhaps even sexually suggestive, which may explain why men were more jealous in this condition.”

Ladies, you know what to do. 😉