‘It’s No Longer Shameful To Work At Yahoo!,’ Yahoo! Employee Insists

Exclamation points!

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Marissa Mayer (Photo: Getty)

Riding high on a wave of stock value, Yahoo! employees promise that working at Yahoo! is toooootally cool and fun!

The search engine/news site/dad of Tumblr/app maker saw its share price increase “more than 70% since the arrival of Chief Executive Marissa Mayer one year ago,” the Wall Street Journal reports, “but there isn’t much evidence yet of a fundamental turnaround at the veteran Web company.”

Still, “people inside and outside of the company say morale has improved in Yahoo’s engineering and product divisions,” WSJ reports, which is pretty impressive considering no one is allowed to work from home anymore.

“It’s no longer shameful to work at Yahoo!,” one employee, who might protest too much, told WSJ.  Having to wear purple all the time must suck. But for at least some staffers, paid parental leave for moms and dads might be worth having to figure out how to squeeze a profit out of Tumblr.