Morning Media Mix

(Illustration by Lauren Payne)

(Illustration by Lauren Payne)

Joe Pompeo looks at the birth of the magical unicorn that is Al Jazeera America. Apparently, the station received 21,000 resumes for 400 newsroom positions. So far, Al Jazeera America has hired 689 people. Why, just yesterday the network announced four new hires: Jonathan Betz, Richelle Carey, Morgan Fogarty and Del Walters are the new news anchors. (New York Mag/Indie Wire)

Times public editor Margaret Sullivan examines whether anonymous speculation about Edward Snowden’s laptop was acceptable. (The New York Times)

Speaking of Mr. Snowden, it’s a total circus at the Moscow Airport right now as Human Rights groups arrive and a scrum of video cameras record the event. (Gawker)

Meanwhile, BuzzFeed is sending Max Seddon, formerly of the AP, to Moscow as the site’s first foreign correspondent. (The Wrap)

And it may have seemed like everyone was watching  Sharknado last night. Everyone, that is, except for Philip Roth. Mia Farrow was just joking, okay? (HuffPost)