Morning Media Mix

(Illustration by Lauren Payne)

(Illustration by Lauren Payne)

Jay Caspian Kang takes a deep and worthwhile look at the culture of Reddit and the state of modern journalism. Is Reddit to blame for the witch hunts that ensued in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing? We liked this passage in particular:

It helps to envision modern journalism as a kind of video game. If you’re part of the Internet media, everything you put out into the world comes with its own scoring system … If you’re wondering why so many writers and journalists from such divergent backgrounds would feel the need to instantly tweet out unconfirmed information to their followers, all you have to do is think of the modern Internet reporter as some form of super Redditor — to be silent is to lose points. To be retweeted is to gain them. We do it for the “karma.” (The New York Times)

Andrew Beaujon compares two of the nation’s media wars: In New Orleans, it’s the Advocate up against The Times-Picayune; in Long Beach, Calif., the Orange County Register sizes up the Press-Telegram. (Poynter)

“Tony Bourdain, you lying sonofabitch, you owe me a motherfucking cronut.” (

Hamas closed down a number of news media outlets yesterday for what appear to be not very good reasons. (The New York Times)

The betrayal! Times CEO Mark Thompson tried to cancel Doctor Who while at the BBC. (Huffington Post)

Col Allan, the editor in chief of the The New York Post, is heading to Australia, his homeland, to provide “extra editorial leadership” for News Corp.’s papers, according to an internal company memo distributed last night. (Capital New York)